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Meagan Good Does HIGH FASHION in KRAVE Magazine!

January 14, 2010

With the remake of “Stomp the Yard” underway with a whole new cast, Krave Magazine decided to go back and catch up with the original gang- Columbus Short (DJ), Meagan Good (April) and Brian White (Sylvester). Check out exclusive images sent to us by the photographer Kate sZatmari. – as well as a few excerpts of Meagan’s inyerview.

Meagan on her dream role:
“I would really like to do Aaliyah’s life story. I was an am a huge fan of hers and think in a way she was like our Princess Diana. She was classy, beautiful and carried herself with such respect for such a young age.”

Meagan on what type of movies she wants to produce:
I’m a very spiritual and non-judgmental person. I want to produce films with spiritual undertones- films that don’t force any issues down your throat or lay judgments on specific situations or roles.

Meagan on being repeatedly mistaken for a “video girl”.
I’ve been in the industry since I was 4 years old. People do often mistake me for a video even though the first video I did was in 2003, 50 Cent’s “21 Questions.” Initially it was just something fun to do and though I did make a few cameos on other videos I decided to not do it anymore. Unfortunately when it comes to films I began to be bowed in as an actress in terms of how people would see me. It’s hard to break out of a market and I’d like to be in all markets.

Rihanna Covers "W Magazine"- February 2010

January 14, 2010

Rihanna graces the February 2010 cover of  "W Magazine" wearing the new cotton dress by Gucci (styled by Lori Goldstein). Inside she covers everything from her favorite part of the day: “When I’m with my glam team getting my hair and make-up done—we talk so much shit! To her fashion sense: My stylist Mariel Haenn and I always try to do something sexy but never too girly—we always try to put a little toughness in there.” To last year with Chris Brown- NOT even going to quote that because, I'm sure we are all beyond sick of hearing this crap over and over again. Ugh!

 Anyway, check out a few of the pictures below:

<span style="color: #ff9900;">Aside from all that, I love her Sasha Fierce inspired eyebrows on the cover!


R&B Drama!!!

January 06, 2010

So, former Pussycat Doll Melody Thorton took to her twitter yesterday to put Ciara on "blast" for "swagger jacking" her pose in her new photo spread for L'Officiel Magazine. Melody tweeted:

 "Not hating ppl! Jus saying! That shit is damn similar! Omg! Omg omg! I was first ppl! I’m def not the “swagger jacker” in the one! I love her but damn that’s exact!"


After posting the picture (above) she tweeted:

Ok one more time! This is from the Doll Domination album packaging<nobr></nobr> a year and a half ago!"

It's clear that the pictures are similar but, who cares? When is a celebrity doing something similar or something exact a bug deal? They do it all the time. I personally think Melody is just looking for some attention by trying to call Ciara out. I mean really, did Ciara tweet. "OMG! OMG! OMG! I was 1st people"  when Melody Thornton decided to date Bow Wow after her? NO. Some things are swept under the rug or looked over because they don't matter. Ciara made this look great. Check out the new spread below:


OMG What Happened To Her?!

January 06, 2010

This has absolutely nothing to do with her wearing the same boots & jeans at least twice (maybe more) in the same week. She's been re-running her wardrobe for years so, thats nothing new. The change has come in her overall appearance. Miss Good used to be so pretty and her hair was always bomb. These days she's kinda BLAH! Totally not feeling her hair, make up or wardrobe. The only thing she has going for herself is flawless skin... You def have to give that to her. I'm not Sandra Rose so, I'm not going to totally write her off. I'm just going to assume she is having an off week and is going to pull it together. Only time will tell. Anyway, when did she rock those jeans & boots (which would would way better if she wore the the right way) better?

The Hermès Scarf

January 06, 2010

The timeless Hermès scarf gets the personal-style treatment when 16 tastemakers—from designers to DJs—give it a look that's all their own.
Left to right:
Marcus Holmlund, 22
Reports on high fashion and hip-hop on his website, smokeandmirrorsblog.com, while finishing his Parsons <nobr>degree</nobr> in NYC. His twist: “I channeled Steven Tyler’s scarved mic stand, Janet Jackson’s handkerchief, Prince, and Axl Rose’s headband.”
Peter Zuspan, 30
Masterminded artists’ residence in the Nevada desert, among other envelope-pushing structures, as a principal of <nobr>architecture</nobr> firm Bureau V. His twist: “It’s a hint of camouflage—in silk.”

Michelle Lu, 23
Conceptualizes key campaigns for clients such as David Yurman and Hudson Jeans as <nobr>art</nobr> director at Lipman ad agency in Manhattan. Her twist: “Tucked into a blazer, this adds instant whimsy to a tailored look.”
Krystal Simpson, 27
Sashays around town in great outfits for her fashion blog, whatisrealityanyway.com. Her twist: “I gave my look a dandy finish by tying this around my neck like an ascot.”

Kat Berkery, 28
Tracks down hard-to-find vintage and overstock from emerging designers as buyer for NoLIta boutique outlet Inven.tory. Her twist: “I’ve been loving a Katharine Hepburn and Annie Hall take on menswear—thus, this ideal pocket square and cummerbund.”
Hannah Bronfman, 22
Keeps her hand in at her sustainable record label Green Owl and backs unmarked celeb-hangout bistro Hotel Griffou in NYC while finishing her undergrad degree at Bard College. Her twist: “I put a classic, girly spin on my edgy leather outfit.”

DJ Ruckus, 26
Minds the groove at fashion shows (such as Alexander Wang’s) and just released dance-floor-ready album Electric Sex. His twist: “I tied this in a classic bandit style to make it a bit rock ’n’ roll. One of these makes you feel chic, I will say that.”

Georgie Greville, 30
Creates daring experimental films at Legs studio in NYC. Her twist: “I couldn’t distract from this gorgeous dress with too much jewelry, so a metallic scarf-belt was the perfect accessory.”
Anna Lunoe, 26
Australian DJ who travels the world mixing electro, hip-hop, and soul alongside Peaches, Spank Rock, and Kanye West. Her twist: “I balanced my loud dress and shoes by introducing an unexpected yellow flash at my wrist.”

Skye Parrott, 31
Takes fine art photographs and coproduces insider arts and culture journal Dossier. Her twist: “A giant bow on my head! It made me feel like a cartoon character.”

Alec Friedman, 30
As Parrott’s husband, co-conspires on Dossier. His twist: “I flipped up my lapel and wrapped my neck to create my own personal fort.”

Sloane Crosley, 31
Writing a follow-up to her best-selling essay collection about life’s foibles as an NYC twentysomething, I Was Told There’d Be Cake. Her twist: “My wardrobe is normally like Rainbow Brite’s, so I picked a textured magenta scarf to balance out the darker colors.”

When Did Cancer Sticks Become So Popular?!

January 06, 2010

I really don't understand why so many beautiful women continue to kill themselves by smoking cigarettes. What kills me is they obviously think it's sexy. I concluded this from the photo shoots below. No offense to those who smoke but, in my opinion smoking is totally the opposite of sexy. Ugh!

Amber Rose

Lindsey Lohan

Meagan Good



Elle Magazine will ring in 2010 with pop diva Lady GaGa as their covergirl.
The 23-year-old star poses in some sexy-meets-edgy looks for the cover and inside photo spread, shot by photographer Tom Munro, and talks about several topics in the coverstory from her image to marriage.
She talks about her fight to cut out sexuality on her album covers saying it was “an issue at my record label.”
“I fought for months, and I cried at meetings. They didn’t think the photos were commercial enough…The last thing a young woman needs is another picture of a sexy pop star writhing in sand, covered in grease, touching herself.”
Now that GaGa is certainly making music and displaying her image her way, she’s thinking a bit about settling down — “eight or ten years” from now! That, too, will be a venture done her way. “I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around.”

Sonia Rykiel For H&M December 05, 2009

January 06, 2010

WHO OWNED THE LOOK?! Monica VS Beyonce VS Ashanti VS Rihanna

November 30, 2009

Rihanna Has Bad Days Too!

November 30, 2009


Amber Rose at Primal!

November 30, 2009

True enough Amber Rose is BOMB but, who knew she was such a BIG deal?! She made her very first appearance to Atlanta this past weekend and caused pure HAVOC. People were paying over 50 bucks just to get a glimpse of her. PUH-LEEZE! The model/girlfriend of Kanye West didn’t disappoint, appearing at the club wearing only a leotard and vest- NOTE: When I first saw her pictures, I was super pissed... Beyond pissed. I've been planning my 22nd birthday for some time now and my models are supposed to wear [BLANK-HA]! I thought she was wearing it and I wanted to kill her but, I feel a lot better seeing these pictures because, I realized she is NOT wearing the costumes! OMG, I wanted to kill her. Anyway, seems like blogger, NecoleBitchie felt some kind of way about Amber Rose being here. This is what she had to say: 

"3 promoters in Atlanta paid an ex-stripper who now dates a extra sensitive rapper to host a party. And you dummies paid extra money to party with her,stupid! We make strippers more important than teachers in our society. This girl was unknown to us and now shes a paid celeb. I can understand athletes and rappers, but a stripper who dates a rapper…and y’all wonder why the club scene in Atlanta is wack nowadays. We idolize the wrong sh*t. I know some are gonna think I’m wack but come on…they paid a stripper who didn’t strip."

Um, what's that about?

Amber Rose Primal Atlanta


November 24, 2009


November 24, 2009

The Outfits are BOMB but, why the hell does she have to make those faces?!


November 24, 2009



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I don't know her... Someone sent me this pic and had Barbee as the subject... YES, another barbie. Ugh!


Keep It Long & Chop Your Bangs! Who Owned It?!

November 24, 2009




November 24, 2009

OKay, so, I have been officially BANNED from wearing sneakers. I signed a note saying I would no longer wear them... Isn't that some crap?! I figured that since I can't buy anymore or wear those aside from the ones I already have (meaning nobody can buy them for me either), I could at least create a post of DIVAS in sneakers. This shows that it's okay to NOT be dressed up in heels 24/7. I'm just not that type of woman anymore. Lets see how this turns out for me.





November 24, 2009





FASHION FACE OFF: Who Owned The Look?! Rihanna VS Kerry Washington in Louis Vuitton

November 24, 2009

The Fur Vest

November 24, 2009

From long and shaggy to short and closely cropped, faux fur is making a big statement as the hot transitional item as we move into Fall 2009.

Whoever first said "everything old is new again" must have been a member of the fashion industry. How else can we explain the resurgence of leggings, ankle boots, and most recently, faux fur? Faux fur has been popping up everywhere, from runway to street looks, and looks especially fresh in cropped and vest silhouettes.

Retailers tested the waters this season with late winter classic pieces, such as leopard a-lines and adorable cropped faux-Persians. However, the item that is making waves on both celebs and fashionistas alike is the fake fur vest. As we move into the warmer months of Spring 2009, the faux fur vest is the perfect way to start wearing your floaty floral blouses and light tees while keeping warm and looking stylish. Worn short and cute or long and shaggy, the key to making this look more Page 6 than cavewoman is all in what you pair it with. There are a million different ways to wear this hot new look so, feel free to make it your own.


fashion face off- who owned it?! rihanna vs katy perry

November 21, 2009

It's a Jungle Out There!

November 21, 2009

Oscar de la Renta

Christian Dior

According to former video vixen, Melyssa Ford, animal prints are out of style. I personally think she is out of her mind because animal prints are all over the runway. I mean really- This year, zebra strips, giraffe prints, cheetah and leopard spots are everywhere in women's fashion thanks to the African, Asian, tribal and safari style fever that's come over designers from Dolce & Gabbana and Proenza Schouler to Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta and couturier Christian LaCroix.

There are a few essential tips you must remember if you dare to wear animal prints. Despite the fact that designers were wild for animal print in their spring 2009 collections, you do need to exercise a little trend-independent fashion judgment.

Just because something is available in animal print doesn't mean it should actually be worn, and (this year especially) there is no shortage of clothing manufacturers out there committing fashion crimes with animal print. Translation: do not wear co-ordinating pants, jackets, jumpsuits, coats or skirts in animal print patterns.

Don't Overdo Animal Prints: Matching too many elements of an outfit makes you look like you're trying too hard to make a fashion statement. Instead, aim for a balanced ensemble of complementary pieces. Even though safari style is all the rage for fall and winter 2009, no one wants to feel as if they have actually just been on a safari after spending time with you.


Stick to One Animal Print: Animal prints are most fashionable when worn only in one pattern, and to keep things tasteful, limit the print to one item at a time, like a zebra print skirt with a solid top and jacket, or a leopard print blouse with a simple black trouser or pencil skirt – unless, that is, you are going for the Cruella DeVille look, in which case, (by all means) deck yourself out from head to toe in one (or multiple) animal print.

Accessorize with Animal Patterns: If your fashion sense is a bit too tame to tackle large blocks of animal print, play it safe and look for animal patterns in smaller items or accessories.

What to Wear with Animal Print

Print looks chic as a compliment to neutrals and solid color-schemes, especially basic black, crisp white, chocolate brown, and beige.

Smart and timeless ways to wear animal prints are as a handbag, shoes, a scarf, a blouse (especially under a blazer), mittens or muffs.

Tips on Wearing Wild Print

Keep your silhouette simple, elegant and sleek.

You are not a lion; don't wear a wild mane. Save big hair for less courageous fashions.

Animal print may bring out your wild side, but resist wearing animal print with a dangerously short skirt; you'll look like a cougar on the prowl.

Finally, the key fashion ingredient required to pull off animal print with style is confidence, so if you're not sure about if or how to incorporate animal patterns into a wardrobe, don’t!

Kim Kardashian

A lot of people including myself talked crap about this outfit. She looks like "this" she looks like "that" and that outfit is "this" and that outfit is "that"- It wasn't until I did the "animal print search" for her that I realized just how BOMB this outfit really is. She pulled it off and looks great in it. I don't like the way the bottom is over the shoe but, aside from that its A+.

Cassie looks GREAT as usual. Off all the looks on this post, I like this one the best. She isn't posing and she looks cute and comfortable.


November 21, 2009

One-shoulder is definately better than two this season! According to Moriamo Oshodi, Womenswear Head Buyer at Asos.com, the look's “funky-meets-classic edge, translates for seasons to come.” It's time to give your wardrobe the bold shoulder with asymmetric necklines and striking and sexy one-shoulder dresses. One-shoulder trendsare far from new as there heritage dates back to the toga days of ancient Greece. Whilst the one-shouldered goddess gown is still making headlines on the red carpet, this spring sees short, sassy dresses in bold bright colors such as orange and pink. One-shoulder dresses also take on elements of the cut-out trend, space-age dresses which reveal more flesh.


November 21, 2009


November 21, 2009

Gucci, Herve Leger, and Alexander Wang were all feeling long sleeve mini dresses for fall--and now celebs are starting to give this trend legs. Check out some of our favorite stars showing off their gorgeous gams, and shop some great frocks at every price, after the jump.


On the runway at Phi, above, the mini dress was severe, belted, and accented with black leather. It's definitely sexy, but for average girls like us, the long sleeve mini dress can easily be translated to take on a much more wearable look. I love it because it's a great way to show off your figure without exposing too much skin--body conscious, but not body overboard. When you're dressing to look sexy, it's always smart to pick one body part to show off, and the long sleeve mini dress makes your legs the main attraction.


November 21, 2009

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